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Terry stays winning. I've been an outspoken fan of Heinicke for a while. I'll never forget how hard he fought against the Bucs in those 2020 playoffs. Completely outmatched and forced into starting duty. He isn't the guy you want starting long term, but as an injury insurance option and just a gritty backup, I love it. Terry filling all the gaps.

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14 minutes ago, archanaheim said:

Respectfully, why?

It’s hard to explain. I’m sure people will not get it. Because he is too good of a backup. Probably good enough to be the starter of this team at this time. BUT not good enough in my opinion to win anything meaningful. He isn’t a qb that’s elevating a team to a championship. He doesn’t have any upside that Ridder could/possibly have. 

It all just depends. If he is cheap and is coming in as the #2 and he’s ok with that then it’s fine. If he is coming into compete in an open competition I don’t like that. I’ve seen enough of Taylor not to want him as my starter. 

I want to solve this teams QB problem. He doesn’t do that for me. 

I’m not wasting that money on a backup qb for THIS falcons team. That money could have went to another free agent who could have been a starter on this team. Put into a new LG or RT. Get a pass rusher! Something. Not a backup qb 


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