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Saints Report on Falcons Signings

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Here's three topics to browse:  Any interesting comments?


https://saintsreport.com/threads/elliss-to-falcons.489457/        Elliss to the Falcons


https://saintsreport.com/threads/falcons-sign-onyemata.489414/   Falcons sign Onyemata


https://saintsreport.com/threads/jessie-bates-is-a-falcon.489444/   Jessie Bates is a Falcon


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1 hour ago, BtK said:

Onyemata will be interesting. According to them he stopped being dominant when he got suspended. Hopefully he will find his form again. 

I have a hard time believing Nielsen doesn’t know what he has in Onyemata. One of those buffoons said we should be charged with tampering. I’m just saying, they’re pretty typical fans. 

I bet half of them wanted to keep him before we actually signed him. Fans are fickle. 

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You can read their pain about us taking some of their guys and others leaving let alone what we are doing to improve our team in rapid fashion. They are really nervous that they won't have much of a defense next season haha. Can't wait to run the ball over and over on them and have a TOP of 42-18. 

I'm also enjoying their treads about what still needs to be done just to get under the cap let alone get find enough dollars for the draft picks. They are running out of guys to restructure that haven't gone through multiple already. It's going to be amazing when this all blows up in their face from all these restructures and they fire their GM and the new guy has to come in and spend 3-4 years just getting the cap right. There aren't a lot of Arthur Smith's in the NFL that can squeeze 7 wins out of a bargain basement roster.

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6 minutes ago, Killing Floor said:

A - I just learned you can cuss on the Saints Report. 
 B - FTS. Ok make that A - FTS

And C - Rivalry’s heating up early. Go Falcons 

The only time I was ever banned on this forum was when I got put in the clink for using creative means to circumvent the filters.  Oh, those were good times!  Shiney got me on that one.

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