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McClain or Oliver??

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Im curious as to how the new DC see Oliver. Is he nickel? This will not be Peas system anymore, I wonder if they look at him as a safety. 

And alot of my wonder is tied to Grant as well.  If taking a safety second round, he needs to be more rangy IMO. Thats not him. Then defense was to complicated for him cant get on field/ performed better in nickel when finally got on field  out of need when Oliver got hurt/ played best close to LOS second year. 

Ive been a fan of Oliver on TAFT ever since his first pre season game, the whole defense was getting gashed, but he was lighting people up, looked like the most in shape guy on the field, just should not play outside. But is his future at safety? 




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1 hour ago, red falcon said:

Who is gonna make a play on the ball when you have no pass rush? He is solid in the nickel and actually broke up passes when others weren't.

we didn't have a pass rush two years ago when we had Harris and Fabian back there and between them they dropped 7 to 10 INTs that year. Harris singlehandedly lost the Washington game by dropping 3 picks.

You gotta have guys back there who can make a play on the ball when the opportunity arises and Oliver isn't that, especially when the team is going to have to pay another guy in AJ who doesn't force turnovers.

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3 hours ago, Jesus said:

How the **** can Quinn look like a defensive god everywhere but in ATL?

HC vs DC

Also, when he's been a successful DC, he's had very talented defenses. That level of talent can make a lot of dudes look good


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