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Throwing some prospects names out there for discussion

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I haven't heard these intriguing prospects mentioned so far as Falcon possibilities.


G - Jordan McFadden (Clemson)

OT - Tyler Steen (Alabama)

OT - Brayden Daniels (Utah)

WR - Jayden Reed (Michigan State)

WR - Charlie Jones (Purdue)

WR - Dontay Demus Jr. (Maryland)

RB - Tavion Thomas (Utah)



DE - Will McDonald IV (Iowa State)

DT - Calijah Kancey (Pittsburgh)

DE - Colby Wooden (Auburn)

LB - Charlie Thomas (Georgia Tech)

LB - Demarvion Overshown (Texas)

LB - Owen Pappoe (Auburn)

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Some hitters on that list for sure. 
McDonald IV is great. Overshown is better today than any linebacker already on the Falcons and he’ll have no trouble adjusting to the speed. He’s  3 years ahead of Andersen right now. He’ll leapfrog in the combine.  I like Daniels too. Really this is a good watch list as some of these will go higher than we think. 

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The couple times I watched Charlie Jones play I was impressed. New system and QB transferring to Perdue and he still was impossible to cover the times I watched him. Seems like he could be a heck of a weapon in the slot.

Reed also looked like a pretty good WR, and Mich St is a run heavy offense and he was a pretty good blocker. Not sure how much juice he has as a downfield threat, not a 4.3x guy.

Overshown would be a welcome addition and has position flexibility. Been a guy I like.

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Auburn fan here—Wooden scares me a little because his game is similar to Marlon’s. Doesn’t have an elite first step but can win inside and outside by bullying the opposition. Unlike Marlon, he didn’t have Derrick Brown next to him and put up most of his counting stats against cupcakes though (they were in competition all year for the most DPOWs, but all of Marlon’s DPOWs were against cupcakes, all of Derrick’s were against juggernauts).

Pappoe was a super highly rated prospect and thought of as an elite athlete. He was always solid but never popped and was often outplayed by some more lightly regarding players like Zacoby McClain, who looked faster on the field and then tested terribly at the combine. Will be very interested to see how he tests.

The guy I want is Derrick Hall. He just passes the eye test. Quick off the ball but wins with physicality as well. Don’t think he has secondary moves, but that can be coached. Apparently really stood out in senior bowl practices as well.

Tank Bigsby could be a nice mid round complement RB as well. Big time recruit who consistently produced in the SEC despite an atrocious oline. Solidly built, can catch, and runs physical with a little shift to him

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24 minutes ago, celtiksage said:

Love Kancey. That dude has some get up at the snap and is often past the OL before they get into their first step.

Gotta add Witherspoon though. He and Kancey 1, 2 would be legit.

Incredible athlete. A bullet with cleats. He's 280 and it's a perfect weight for him. I could absolutely see Kancey being a QB wrecker for Neilsen. 

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