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WWE Elimination Chamber Thread

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1 minute ago, falconsd56 said:

Dom has done an amazing job of getting heat.


When you can get 17,000+ people to chant **** you....that is good heat.




If he can improve his in-ring work and workout some then he can be something pretty big. I think he's finding himself a good bit now. Just has to evolve over time from it.

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Just now, DonDaLuvMaker said:


Yeah, it also made the US title look more important and prestigious.


Need to make those secondary titles mean almost as much as the world titles like they did back in the day.


I think HHH has done a good job of that..

Both the US title and the IC have been elevated to the point where they are big deals.

Gunther has been awesome as the IC champion.

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Having Roman win was the right call.

It would have been a great moment but long term Cody defeating Roman is the right call.

He has 2 built in stories from the get go.

Orton is returning

The Seth saga isn't over..


And then they planted the seeds for Gunther vs Cody at the RR.

And if .....and this is a big big if.....

If the WWE does end up signing Omega then boom you have another story right there.

As great as Sami has been.... he doesn't have those built in stories right away that have any freshness.






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