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Grady Jarrett, Ta’Quon Graham are the biggest winners of Ryan Nielsen hiring

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11 hours ago, Banana Bandit said:

Graham is not a 4-3 end, or DT, IMO. He was okay as a 3-4 end.

He'll be a message board hero who could've been with this scheme change.

Actually, I see him a better fit as a 3-tech DT in 4 man front. 

Graham’s success will be determined how well he does coming off a fairly serious injury, not by whatever scheme DC Nielsen runs. 

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23 hours ago, Kaptain Krazy said:

The difference being that Grady has actually produced in the NFL already. 

"absolute beast"? Seriously? 

Baldinger says, "Graham is a budding star, number 95, because he play inside, he can play the 1, he can play the 3, he can play the inside 4i, he can play the 5. He really can play up and down the defensive line."

So what is it about Graham that makes Baldinger highlight him as a budding star? "... [He] gets off blocks well, uses his hands well, he sheds well. He's a force. ..." 


hint: Brian knows what he’s seeing on tape

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watch Baldinger’s  breakdown of the clips, it’s Baldinger who said he’s an absolute beast. 

But when you watch TQ absolutely destroying OL, busting through double teams, disrupting plays, you know why Baldinger is high on Graham. 

Graham has only started 14 games in his first two seasons, it was this year he started flashing beast. Don’t take my word for it, watch the $#@& clips yourself. You’d have to be blind if you watch those clips and still can’t see why Baldinger was pumped up about him.

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3 hours ago, Vandy said:

Graham’s success will be determined how well he does coming off a fairly serious injury

It’s been bothering me we haven’t heard anything at all about his recovery, and very little about the severity of his injury, which isn’t a great sign.

Nielson likes versatile DL, and Graham is versatile, but that injury could hamper him this coming season coming out of the gate.

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