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Braves Spring Training 2023


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Tom Hart was calling the Bama basketball game last night, the student section noticed and broke out the chop at one point. Harts partner did acknowledge it and Hart said these guys must do their homework. DOB added today that they haven't gotten an update from Bally but Hart is seemingly the top choice. 

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3 hours ago, K26dp said:

Under. It's a young team, most of the pitchers came up under the pitch clock rules.

I would say otherwise if Kenley Jansen were still on the team.

FWIW, I was including both teams, not just Atlanta. It's more about how much we'll watch players rail against the new system.

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28 minutes ago, Malachore said:

I see Soroka tweaked something again.

Not tweaked, just tight. Snitker said they're going to basically baby Soroka because of his recent history but called it no big deal. DOB said Soroka has been throwing and ramping up for 2 months before arriving in Florida. Probably related to that.

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2 hours ago, Unknøwn said:

Kyle Wright got a cortisone injection into his shoulder. He's expected to be ready within the first week of the season but his ST will be delayed slightly. Wright said he feels great after the treatment.

Oh boy. That's alarming. It reminds me of Frankie Montas last September.

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Ozuna, who was among the last arrivals, said he spent the winter trying to strengthen his shoulder and get better at throwing. He said he hopes to play more LF this year instead of DH. 

Snit's response when asked

“I hope,” Snitker said. “I know he’s got gold on his glove … You hurt your shoulder, that’s huge in this (sport). It’s not for lack of work, because the guy’s throwing all the time, doing all the work. We’ll see. When he gets going, we’ll see where it is.”

Ozuna said he felt like his mind has been out of control the last two years and was just uncomfortable. He spent much of the offseason in his native Dominican Republic and said he feels happy now. 

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