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The very best of Mariota to 4th overall bust Kyle Pitts

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1 hour ago, Falcons_Frenzy said:

It's just people who still believe JF should have been the pick or the ones that want to use hindsight to take Parsons.

Mariota should be shunned by the league for bailing on the Falcons. His terrible play should be enough but as we all know some desperate team will sign him. 

He might get signed but he's not starting for anyone, ever unless there's a plane crash or something. 

What he did to his already below average resume this past season was take a dump on it, wipe with it, and now he's going to try to feed it to some other NFL team? 

Good luck with that Marcus.  

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2 minutes ago, raysnill1 said:

Mariota was beyond terrible this season but what makes it worse was seeing both Pitts and London running around wide open most games. Dude went 1 for 33 on passes of 20 yards or more. I can do that at 52 right now with no practice

Nobody with any hand-eye coordination whatsoever could be that terrible. That's not arm, that's brain and nerves. Mariota is a choker and has been a choker since he got into the NFL. 

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2 hours ago, gazoo said:

If you attended games in person you would have seen Pitts running wide open down field all game. This video only shows the times Mariota actually saw him, but for each of these times there were 2 or 3 that Pitts didn’t have a defender within 3 yards of him down field.

It’s was disgusting when I realized just how bad it was. If you just watched games on TV you wouldn’t have noticed it. 

There is a lot of truth in the first 6 words of this post, but so much of that depends on where you are... you get one angle and the only replays you get are those that the NFL gives the stadium permission to show you.

What I find I dont see when I am watching Kyle Pitts breaking with a 3 yard distance on the defender, is that Cam Jordan has suddenly stretched his frame out to about 8 feet and now the throwing angle has changed in that millisecond and maybe you could move left and still get it off, but Demario Davis is getting leverage in that space and it just doesnt exist anymore.  All the time spent watching Kyle Pitts break 3 yards distance 50 yards downfileld really does taint your view as to what is happening .. so when I am at the game, I just make a mental note of what I saw, then try and catch the recording of the game (without sound).  99% of the time I am blown away with what I didnt see the first time.

I have been to a bajillion games in my life... I just dont have the training to know all the opportunities that may or may not exist in the course of a game.  I am always amazed by guys like Collingsworth and Romo cause they see things during the play that I would have never imagined.  I am sure they study film and they know how to study film and look for tendencies in the formation to see where the play is even designed to go, that as a longtime fan attending post tailgate, I will never see during the few seconds it takes to run a play with 22 elite athletes doing things I cant even dream of.

So, I agree that there are many things that you see at the game that you dont see on tv, but i also acknowledge that usually, I am not seeing everything that the game is giving me when I see that. Its an interesting point, but I am not going to make what my focus at the game on a given play the sole indication that the play wasnt made for reason x or reason y.  

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Scared Daniel GIF by Strawburry17

Maaan, this makes it very apparent Pitts didn’t somehow regress or just disappear this season.. Mariota just couldn’t get him the ball even though he had separation on a lot of those plays. Yeaaa.. Ridder or no Ridder, next season I expect Pitts to be up around 1000 yards again. Whoever they end up having at QB will definitely be more competent.. They can’t afford to get it wrong again. Mariota wasn’t all bad but the bad did outweigh the good. 

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Worst thing that happened to the Falcons this season was that Brady had a subpar final season and the Bucs played so bad.

It kept the Falcons coaches thinking the playoffs were there, and they did not dare want to give the team over to a rookie QB if they still had a chance at the playoffs.

It also did not help that Mariota was NFC Offensive Player of the Week early in the year.


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2 hours ago, dirtybirds233 said:

Don't remember the game, but there was one where Mariota was missing just about everything. He missed a wide open out route to London and London had a hard time hiding his annoyance. Threw his arms up and slapped his legs with a blank stare and just walked off. 

Here's a mind blowing stat: nearly 40% of London's yards and 35% of his receptions came from just the 4 games when Ridder was the QB. Mariota was that bad. 

I was told London and Pitts weren't annoyed with Mariota because he was a great team player lmao.

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1 hour ago, octoslash said:

Maybe the first six or seven games, but after Butt Pass I don't think there was a single soul on this board who was OK with it.  

He should have been benched after the Browns game, no excuses to keep a vet QB in when you pass the ball like three times in one half. And I don't want to hear Ridder wasn't ready, Ridder could have passed the ball 12 times a game and ran it 35+ times a game until he learned the offense. Its what we were doing anyways with a vet. I'm still pissed Ridder didn't come in until Pitts got hurt, could have had better stats for all the Ridder naysayers.

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