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Ooof Evero To Carolina


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12 minutes ago, celtiksage said:

I like our chances. Saints had 2 shutouts and gave up more than 20 points only once in their last 10 games while Nielsen was co-DC. Then when we hired him, the remaining co-DC was fired. Wonder who was doing the bang up job and who wasn't? Nielsen was also assistant HC.

Evero may be a good DC for them (he wasn't in Denver for his 1 year as a DC), but he still has Tepper and Fitterer, and they alone can screw up a wet dream.



Yeah, I forgot about their owner Tepper.


He may be the key reason why if the Panthers don't go anywhere. He'll be ready to kick Reich to the curb if they don't start winning really soon. He has some Daniel Snyder in him and may be even more impatient than him.

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2 hours ago, DonDaLuvMaker said:


They did the same thing with Gary Kubiak as well. Falcons wanted to talk to him for the OC job under Quinn, only to be denied and the Falcons got the return of Koetter.


Kubiak and Broncos parted ways soon after and then he went to the Vikings.

I liked this comment just so your total number of likes this week isn't the cursed number. 

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