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Nielsen it is

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1 minute ago, Bigjmw084 said:

If we find a way to also snag Wilks and Holcomb....👀

Steve Wilks- Co-DC/DB Coach

That'd be great, but it's not happening. Wilks will want to at least be the DC and Nielson wouldn't have made (and Saints wouldn't have allowed it) a lateral move to be Co-DC again

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14 minutes ago, g-dawg said:

well Saintsreport.com doesn't like it


so that in itself makes me like the hire.


8 minutes ago, GrimeyKidd said:



6 minutes ago, GrimeyKidd said:



He'll probably raid and poach key assistants from Saints defense with giving them promotions.


That could really hurt the Saints.

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Welp, disappointing. Hopeful of course, but it feels more like a friend helping a friend and hoping for the best rather than getting a known guy that's less of a risk. I continue to be lukewarm on Fontenot. This off season is huge and should be a determining factor in his future here, but we know how Blank works

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39 minutes ago, gazoo said:

I see the conspiracy theorists are already at it, apparently the narrative starting to take shape is none of the good ones wanted to come here so we had to settle for table scraps.

My goodness, check this guy out, he’s got a phenomenal track record and ties to TF. He’s young, creative, and his defenses have been consistently great.

Exactly. This guy is an edge whisperer. Just who we needed to give this D a big boost in the sack stats this season and far beyond. 


In his sixth season in charge of the team's defensive line, Ryan Nielsen also served as an assistant head coach in 2021 and in 2022 will add co-defensive coordinator duties. Nielsen has a history of developing players on the professional and college levels and brings abundant experience to the New Orleans defense. Since 2017, New Orleans' 233 sacks ranked third in the league, seven different defensive linemen have produced multi-sack games and the New Orleans defense went an NFL-record 55 regular season and postseason games without allowing a 100-yard rusher between the 2017-20 campaigns and has the longest current streak at 22 consecutive contests. During his tenure in New Orleans, the Saints have ranked in the top ten in sacks four of five seasons and have finished in the top five in run defense the last four campaigns.

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From an old article in the Athletic this describes his coaching style :

“His coaching style is pretty much hardcore,” Granderson said. “He focuses and is big on technique and effort. He coaches pretty hard. He wants us to be big, nasty D linemen so we can play out there and destroy people. His coaching style has come a long way. It’s hardcore. 

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