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Nielsen it is

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I see the conspiracy theorists are already at it, apparently the narrative starting to take shape is none of the good ones wanted to come here so we had to settle for table scraps.

My goodness, check this guy out, he’s got a phenomenal track record and ties to TF. He’s young, creative, and his defenses have been consistently great.

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2 minutes ago, FentayeJones said:

I did too

I was looking at the top candidates being floated around here and the only one that really caught my attention that I felt could turn this defense around is Nielson. I am STOKED we got him. He’s really good at developing young guys,something we’ve sucked at for years.

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Yes some of bigger names we interviewed were great options having been successful Defensive Coordinators previously, but I love this hire. 

Young, hungry and served his apprenticeship with the Saints and not keen to stand still. Wants to progress his career.


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