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Trade Deadline 2023 - February 9th.


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It is 16 days to the trade deadline.  Interesting to see what Fields and Korver do.


Schultz: Hawks at the trade deadline — ‘We can’t be .500 and not be open to change

“At this point, there are many moving parts that makes it a challenge to say what we will do,” general manager Landry Fields said in a text message. “I’m not sure what traditional bucket — buyer, seller, etc. — we will fall into. We are open. Something we are definitely looking at is bringing in more defined characteristics that we want to build with into the future: basketball IQ, workers, to name only a couple. Don’t read that like we don’t have it, because we do. But we want certain attributes to start defining our players a bit more.”

Asked if any of Atlanta’s players should be considered off-limits, Fields responded: “We can’t be a .500 ball club and not be open to change. Obviously, some guys are less moveable for a variety of reasons, but we will be all ears.”

Fields’ comments about the need for more high-IQ guys, even relative role players, are interesting. But those are big-picture roster changes that often are easier to make in the summer. Similarly, it’s easier to trade players with big contracts in the offseason when other teams are reshaping their rosters.

Collins has said repeatedly that he wants to stay in Atlanta. He said he has been given “clarity” from the organization.

What does that mean?

“I feel like a lot of stuff going on right now is rumors. The organization has been great. Many times they’ve told me they want me to be here and be a cornerstone of the franchise. So again, what I’m handling and doing here is different from what you guys know because of what I’m being told and the experiences I’m having.”

Have they actually said they’re not trading you?

“I don’t know if that’s been said specifically, but it’s been conveyed that they want me here. It’s just a messy situation at this point, and the less they can speak about it the better. If I’m here, I’m here. If I’m gone, and I have to start somewhere else … but the feeling in the conversations I’ve had with them, I’m a Hawk and they want me to be here.

“It’s been an ongoing issue for three years,” Collins said. “So I have to deal with it. Like my momma told me when I was growing up: ‘Suck it up.’”


Schultz: Hawks at the trade deadline — ‘We can’t be .500 and not be open to change’ - The Athletic

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Good attitude from JC. I've always appreciated his candor on the subject. 

Slightly off topic, but I can't help but think wistfully about what the Hawks would look like with a second unit of Delon-Huerter-AJ-JJ-OO. Nate would have probably still found a way to screw it up, but it would have been a great roster of guys under contract long-term for the next coach. If willing to spend the money, you could even keep Bogi and play him situationally. 

Alas, Ressler wanted to duck the tax. 

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8 hours ago, Expert Poster said:

but I can't help but think wistfully about what the Hawks would look like with a second unit of Delon-Huerter-AJ-JJ-OO. Nate would have probably still found a way to screw it up

Yes and yes, lol

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1 hour ago, Boise Falcon Fan said:

I believe this GM is going to want to make a splash at the deadline. I don't know what it is, but it won't shock me at all if we make a big trade.

Most of the "splash" type moves on the radar leaguewide are guys like DeRozan, Lavine, Siakam, and OG (though I personally think many are wildly overrating OG). Each of those guys is currently paired with another "star" and still find themselves currently outside of the play-in. Moreover, I'm not sure any of them make a ton of sense on our current roster, other than Siakam, who would also be the priciest of the bunch. 

The biggest move I could see would be finally actually trading JC. I've gone back and forth on that since the start of the season, but really it all depends on the return. Most of the speculated frameworks I've seen have been pretty underwhelming, and I think the fact that a deal hasn't been made is a decent indication that the Hawks think so too. 

Beyond that, Bogi and Justin Holiday would be the most likely guys traded. If you could flip Holiday's expiring contract and a 2nd rounder for a true rotation-caliber 3-and-D guy (basically, what we were hoping to get in Holiday), that would be nice. 

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