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Too Early 2023 Offseason

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As of today after the Jake restructure we are set for 75m in cap space in 2023.


  • Mariota - 12.5m

Brings us to 87.5.5m in cap space.


  • McGary - 5 year deal with a 2023 cap hit around 8-10m. I will say 9m for the mock.
  • Lindstrom - 4 year extension & will lower his cap hit by 5-8m in 2023. I will say we save 5m for the mock.

Cap space 83.5m after both extensions.

Just going to list the 2023 cap numbers to make things easier rather than going through full deals.

  • Lorenzo Carter - 3m
  • Olamide Zaccheaus - 3m
  • Isaiah Oliver - 3m
  • Rashaan Evans - 3m
  • Elijah Wilkinson - 2m
  • Abdullah Anderson - 2m
  • Mycole Pruitt - 1.5m
  • Bradley Pinion - 1m

18.5m in bringing these gentlemen back. That brings us to 65m to spend in Free agency and sign our draft picks.

Free Agency:
Just going to list the 2023 cap numbers to make things easier rather than going through full deals.

  • DT Javon Hargrave - 9m 
    Eagles are going to have to start being selfish with cap space. Is Hargrave gonna be affordable for them with so many big pieces already in Philly and 2 1st round picks? Grady's partner in crime on the d-line. They sit at 13m as of today but a looming Hurts extension is going to require a lot of space.
  • S Jessie Bates- 8m
    They drafted his replacement last year and with so many big names on this team can they afford to give out a bunch of big contracts to players like Bates? Signs point to him walking. Bates has had somewhat of a down year in 2022 which does bring some concern for whoever signs him. 
  • ILB Tremaine Edmunds - 8m
    Again, No cap space and they are already going to have to pick and choose who to pay. Not sure Edmunds is going to be able to be retained in Buffalo. They sit at -6m as of today.
  • WR Mecole Hardman - 6m
    We need a burner. #2 WR day 1 and allows Zaccheaus to fall back to the #3 spot which is a better fit for his skillset. I think the Chiefs will focus their energy on brining back JuJu over Mecole.
  • QB Taylor Heinicke - 5m
    As he showed this season the kid can win games. He has a great story and can run when needed. I think Washington is ready to move on from both Taylor and Carson and moves full-tilt towards the Howell/Draft Pick days in Washington.
  • EDGE Yannick Ngakoue - 9m
    We have become desperate for a rush. Even though he is not a 3 down player we will hand him a nice little bag. Carter will play on the for-sure running downs while Yannick subs in during passing situations.

Total: 45m. That leaves 20m for the smaller depth signings, Signing draft picks and money for during the season if needed.


Falcons immediately want to trade back. So many QB desperate teams and with Carolina sitting right behind us we have to sell this pick. Titans, Jets, Commanders and Giants could all be looking. Jets seem like the sweet spot at #13. The draft value chart lines up almost perfectly with value #8 and #112 for #13 and #44. We come out on top by a small margin but they get the QB they want.

  • 1st (13) CB Joey Porter Jr 
    Joey Porter Jr. - Football - Penn State Athletics
    Learns under Hayward and will be our long-term partner in crime with AJ. Love the bloodlines and the way he plays the game.
  • 2nd (38) - WR Josh Downs
    New teammates, same goal for UNC superstar Josh Downs ahead of 2022 season  - The Daily Tar Heel
    Keep adding playmakers. Yes he is small but the Kid is like a videogame. Insane burst and change of direction. Good route running & hands. Would be an immediate impact player for us in the slot. Imagine him and Hardman on the field. 
  • 2nd (44) - DE Tuli Tuipulotu
    TrojanSports - DE Tuli Tuipulotu on USC visit: 'I can feel that they want  me a lot'
    Top notch hands. Needs to continue to add pass rush moves to his arsenal but at 6'4 and nearly 300 he moves like he is much lighter. Even saw USC line him as a blitzing LB at times. Reminds me of Cameron Heyward coming out of college.
  • 3rd (70) - NT Gervon Dexter 
    Florida Football: Gervon Dexter is set up to have monster season - Hail  Florida Hail - A Florida Gators Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more.
    I think he has a chance to go in the 2nd but his lack of explosiveness combined with his slow get-off I don't know if he will test the way teams would like. For us he would fill the traditional NT role and would happily take him in the 3rd. 
  • 4th - 7th Too early in the process to know the prospects enough in these ranges.

Depth Chart:
Red: Free Agent
Blue: Draft
Green: Not listed, Cheap Signing or Late Draft Pick

QB - Ridder / Heinicke
RB - Allgeier / Huntley / Avery
FB - Ratcovich
WR - London / CP
WR - Hardman / Bernhardt
Slot - Oz / Downs
TE - Pitts / Pruitt / Fitzpatrick
LT - Matthews / Late Round Pick or Depth Signing
LG - Henny / Wilkinson
C -  Dalman / Late Round Pick or Depth Signing
RG - Lindstrom / Late Round Pick or Depth Signing
RT - McGary / Mayfield

DE - Hargrave / Graham
NT - Dexter / Anderson / Dalton
DE - Grady /  Tuipulotu / Horne 
EDGE - Carter / Yannick
ILB - Edmunds / Walker
ILB - Evans / Anderson
EDGE - AK / Malone / Ogundeji
CB - Terrell / Hall
CB - Hayward / Porter
NB - Oliver / Alford
FS - Bates / Late Round Pick or Depth Signing
SS - Grant / Hawkins

When we really wanna get after the QB on 3rd downs we can run Tuipulotu/Hargrave/Grady as the 3man line with Yannick and AK off the edges.

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Not bad but I would really like to bring in someone for the LG spot for competition. While Henny and Wilks are still young, I'm not convinced either of them are the answer. Matthews, Lindstrom and Mcgary will be getting paid and adding a higher profile LG will add onto those dollars though I'm ok paying our line as long as they're good. 

I will say though that I prioritize our D over our oline as it stands. 

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3 hours ago, falconsd56 said:

I don't know if you paid attention to last offseason but the wide receiver market went full on R word.

And you never go full on R word.

Yes, it was.  I remember when Gabriel got crazy money.

I'd treat wr like rb, draft them.

I want Daron Payne next to Grady.

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1 hour ago, PokerSteve said:

Anybody we look to sign who's above average will want top dollar. All these agents know the Falcons are flush with cash. They're going to want Full Market Value for their clients. 

Nobody is coming here unless we pay top dollar as we have little to no appeal to free agents, except maybe running backs.

People are not lining up to play for a team that has 5 straight losing seasons and will enter 2023 starting a rookie QB(essentially).


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Why are Bates and Hargrave taking pay cuts as very productive free agents? Are you referring to the cap hit in year 1 of their deals, only? So these are mostly backloaded deals?

It’s a bit difficult for me to make sense of that and sounds like wishful thinking - as does McGary at less then $12-13 million per - but same confusion about year 1 cap number vs. Annual value. 

Love the Porter Jr. pick. 

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5 hours ago, falconsd56 said:

I don't know if you paid attention to last offseason but the wide receiver market went full on R word.

And you never go full on R word.

That’s simply his cap hit in season 1. Not his average per year. Two very different things.

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52 minutes ago, Falcanuck said:

Everything is gonna cost like 30-40% more than you anticipate methinks. 

First year of contracts is cheaper against the cap. Again this is Salary cap hits listed NOT how much they are being paid per season. 

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