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Just now, tcmafreak said:

Las Vegas is pretty bad, but Jarrett Stidham looks like he belongs on a football field. If he isn't crazy money, wouldn't mind seeing him compete with Ridder. He's making under a million this year. 

NE always liked him, I was surprised Belichick gave up on him. 

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TaTF last week: why would we want Carr, Vegas is loaded with talent and he still sucks!

TaTF this week: Stidham only scored 6 points going into the last 6 minutes but Vegas is terrible so it's not his fault.


BTW before I get the I told you so, I realize TaTF is not a monolith. Just find it funny. There is no competition for Ridder next year unless they're a vet who's already quite good.

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1 hour ago, RING OF HONOR said:

Haven't seen him yet.....

But does he look promising enough to get rid of Car??

Or are they doing it because he looks competent enough to hold it down while getting rid of that contract?


Or both

Yes. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say he's...Mariota Strong.  😂

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