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A Little Something For Tom Brady (Superfan Cartoon)

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On 1/6/2023 at 9:11 AM, Supes™ said:

Whuuuzzup, y'all?!? It's been a minute, huh? Well, I'm back and Falco is back and we're back to stay! I'm still a fan, always have been, always will be. My absence from the boards has been due to several things, not least amongst them a demanding job I took some years ago that left me little free time. I'm retired now but still busy with life in general. I won't be back like before, meaning the cartoons won't be as frequent, but rather as good ideas hit me and time allows.

I've lurked a bit prior to posting this and it's good to see that many familiar screen names are still here. I won't call you out by name because there are too many of you, but a special shout out goes to rounz. She contacted me last month and, long story short, basically sweet talked me out of TATF retirement. I have missed it, I admit. Interaction with fellow fans reminds you that you're hardly alone in your passion for a sport and a team you want to succeed. I was born in Atlanta in 1952 and have been a fan since the city landed the franchise in '65, first game in '66. Like some of you, I'm O.G.

I did have a special cartoon completed and ready to post in anticipation of the Falcons' glorious win in Super Bowl 51 and their arrival to the Promised Land, but we all know how that game turned out. Cartoon, meet delete button.*POOF*

I feel positive about this team and this coach, W-L record be danged. The ground game is special and the team as a whole is scrappy. A little tweaking, some more talent, and who knows?

FFS70 was a regular on here, never lacking for something to say and as member Lethal said, whether you agreed with him or not, you couldn't deny his passion for Atlanta Falcons football. He contacted me once back in the day, said he had an extra ticket for a big game and asked me to join him. I couldn't make it, but I never forgot the nice gesture. After hearing of his passing from rounz, I decided to dedicate my comeback cartoon to him. I realize that if the Bucs sit their starters Sunday, it takes the punch out of the 'toon, but I have no control over that. And if I were the Bucs, I'd not want to limp into the playoffs with a loss to Atlanta and a losing record. I predict they'll play to win. Let's Go, Falcons!

*Mods: I know there is a pinned thread related to the demise of FFS70. I didn't want to bury this there where few, if any, would see it, so please pardon me and I'd ask that you not merge this with that thread. Thank you!

Trust Me Publish SML..jpg

SUPES!!!! It is SO good to see you back. I have missed you a lot more than i realized.

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