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Dean Pees undecided about coming back next year. Who do you think the Falcons will hire as DC if Pees doesn't come back?

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Michael Rothstein on Twitter tweeted that Dean Pees is undecided about coming back next year. He said that Pees will discuss it with his wife after the season is over.

If Dean Pees doesn't come back next year do you think that the Falcons will promote someone in house like a Frank Bush? Perhaps his son Matt Pees? Or do you think that the Falcons will bring in an outsider?

Next year is supposed to be the year we bring in a lot of talent on defense. I hope the Falcons have a good plan for defensive coordinator. 

Mad Mike just made a YouTube video saying that in his opinion if the Falcons don't have a good plan at defensive coordinator Grady Jarrett may ask for a trade. 

I just hope the Falcons don't Falcon this up if Dean Pees doesn't come back. Terry and Arthur do seem like the type to plan ahead for these types of things. Your thoughts?


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Hope they bring in a more 3-4 minded guy since the personel is suited that way right now. Obviously could change, but with todays NFL, think 2 OLB/EDGE guys that can cover with 3 solid IDL is the better route right now...

Pees served his purpose of not pulling AS away form the offense...however I do think Pees whether his fault or not, hasnt done enough with the pass rush still...

Cominksy getting 5 sacks in DET, other guys doing well like Duran Harmon, etc....just seems like there is this cloud over the Falcons defense that has been present for like 15 years...

Wish we could get a stud DC like Leslie Frazier, Demeco Ryans, DQ, Martindale....

IDK who it would be though if not Pees? Im not interested in any internal guys...want experience...


Maybe Kris Richard who was with SEA, DAL but went to NO while Terry F was still there? Hes splitting duties right now and familiar with division, could help draw a guy like Davenport or Oneyoma in FA?

Gus Bradley after Indy finishes its awful season with Saturday?

Ejiro Evero from DEN or Vic Fangio if he doesnt go with a new HC?

Steve Wilkes after CAR makes its new hire?

or look to the college ranks at like Will Muschamp? Jim Knowles? Jim Leaonard?

Other that could return as a DC, but arent currently like Jim Schwartz? Brian Flores? John Fox? Mike Pettine?


I do think we should also look at a new OC...jsut think things are stale whether its AS or not, he needs to make a change in Ragone

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