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Looks like a Practice Squad spot is about to open up... (Cameron Batson arrested)


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17 hours ago, xianshino said:

I imagine he will be cut today...




ATLANTA — An Atlanta Falcons practice squad player and an Atlanta police officer were both hospitalized after a physical altercation early Saturday morning, police say.

The incident happened at around 2 a.m. Saturday on Interstate 75 northbound near Northside Drive.

Police confirmed to Channel 2 that the officer was performing a sobriety test during a DUI traffic stop. The officer making the stop determined that the driver, identified as 27-year-old Cameron Batson, was driving while intoxicated.



I saw last night it was reported that the officer he fought was a woman who was also pregnant and now she’s in the hospital.. he’s definitely tf up outta here.

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21 minutes ago, Duff_Man said:

Yeah...because no NFL team has ever turned a blind eye towards bad behavior. 

Not if you're a JAG...

Like it or not there's that double standard in sports (all of life, for that matter). If Cameron Batson had the talent of prime Julio Jones someone would find a home for him. When you're a fringe level practice squaddie, this is pretty much a death sentence.


oof, yeah, he faces up to 20 years, yikes...

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On 1/1/2023 at 9:14 AM, Duff_Man said:

Yeah...because no NFL team has ever turned a blind eye towards bad behavior. 

It depends on the behavior.  Like guns and got caught not licensing everything.  Forgiven.  Go to a restaurant and have a few too many.  Forgiven.  Getting divorced and it become a public incident.  Forgiven.  Get so drunk you cannot keep it on the road and get into a fight with a pregnant police officer.  Not forgiven.  Not forgotten.  He's done.

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