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CB Jakorian Bennett Maryland

ike barn87987

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2 minutes ago, Killing Floor said:

Watched this whole boring game and they said you have to watch the mayo dump on the app. 

Yeah, I watched the whole **** game just to see the mayo dump. Then they cut right to the ND-SC game afterwards and didn't show it 😂

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As a MD alum and fan - YESSSS. When our guys are good enough to be drafted they normally end up as pretty good players.

I wanted Chigozem BADLY in last years draft as a nice backup to Pitts and already he is balling. He did end up going much higher than I expected though considering his medical condition. 408 yards as a 4th round rookie TE with limited snaps has to have the Titans excited. Gonna be a 750+ yard guy every year once he gets comfortable and is the permanent starter with the Titans. Didn't hurt as bad as when we passed on Diggs though for Justin Hardy. Or when DJ Moore went right before we got Ridley. Yannick is a sack machine sure would have been nice to have him in the 3rd round.... I think the only UMD player I liked that ended up being bad was Savage. 

15 hours ago, EddieK said:

Hopefully without the penalties too

He is pretty grabby. I actually think the comparison someone said of Alford without the speed is about as close to a comp as you can get for him. Unless he tests way higher than expected at the combine he will probably be a 5th round pick or so. He is going to need some work but would be some nice DB depth early on in his career. Kid makes plays.

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