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Predict Today's Score...For Absolutely NO Reward


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Okay, now for all those who still want to participate, I'm picking the Ravens to win 13-6. Weather will hold down the scoring, along with Jackson being out and Ridder playing in just his second game, again in a very adverse environment. 

What's your prediction for the game? You need to go on record so we can celebrate your incredible ability to discern da fucha!! Or, more probably, be shamelessly trolled for guessing wrong and looking like a complete tool. 😆

Okay, I'm on record. Much as I hate to pick against the Falcons, they seem to do better that way. Anybody else coming along for the ride? Who you got? Score?

And go ahead and give this a LIKE while you contemplate your response. Thank you!

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Bad playcalling. 

Bad play from a predictably terrible roster. 

Costly TO from the overdrafted high draft pick. His 2nd in 2 weeks no less. 

Terrible QB play from a rookie. Expected. 

No pass blocking. 

No passion.

No defense. 

Hard headed coach doing hard headed things. 

None of these things are shocking. At all.

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