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Games like this is what gives reason to believe it's rigged.


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15 hours ago, FalconofShadows said:

It took the NBA years to catch Donahue. If you think the NFL is 100% clean  then it is not I living in the fairy tale. And it doesn't take an entire league to throw a game or decide it a certain way only a couple of people.

That's a single ref that did something illegal. had nothing to do with the NBA as a business. You are claiming the whole business is scripted and rigged, that's way different than a random solo person (like a ref) going sideways. two completely different things.

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14 hours ago, FalconFanSince1969 said:

Nothing involving this much money is legit. I'm not saying its a soap opera and it's pre-determined who is winning what, but if an opportunity to swing money a certain way happens to arise at some point during certain games or if a high profile team can go to a super bowl instead of a small market team I have zero doubts that there are ways the NFL makes that happen. 

By using this logic theirs a 0% chance the cowboys would not have won a SB in the last 20 years. So many large market teams that suck and have not won anything. Bengals are one of the smallest market teams and yet were just in the SB. 

Nfl makes money no matter who wins and loses. Yall have to stop assuming just because we suck and find stupid ways to blow good opportunities that it somehow means the NFL is rigged.

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