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Falcons have scored 20 points or less 5 consecutive games.


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17 against the Chargers

15 against the Panthers in Carolina

20 against the Bears (other 7 was the Cordarrelle Patterson kickoff return TD) 

13 against the Commanders

16 against the Steelers today


We’ve lost 4 of our last 5 games because of our inept points per game offensively. This is obviously not gonna win you football games. Especially with Marcus Mariota’s poor QB play in the passing game. Teams now know how to limit our run heavy offense.


We’re a Cordarrelle Patterson TD return away from being 0-5 since our OT win at home vs the Panthers (where we were also extremely lucky). With the Saints in New Orleans, Ravens in Baltimore, and Bucs at home being 3 of our last 4 games remaining, our season is more than likely over with. We couldn’t win hardly any of the most winnable games on our schedule. 

With the Steelers loss we’ve also now lost 10 of our last 11 vs the AFC North division going back to 2014. 



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To make it worse, the defense only allowed 20 points or less in 3 of those losses. 

20 to the Chargers 

19 to the Commanders

19 to the Steelers

It's plainly obvious what's holding the offense back. Either Ridder looks that bad in practice, in which case it would be refreshing for AS to just come out and say 'Ridder isn't going to cut it' like Mike Zimmer did with Kellen Mond, or Smith is just too **** stubborn. 

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