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How surprised would you be if the Falcons beat the Ravens?

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1 hour ago, Beast-N-Da-Sheetz said:

Yep unfortunately we will lose Superbowl 57 to the Ravens 35 - 14 according to mentalist Oz Pearlman. Sucks but I guess I'll start placing all my bets now lol.


Naw, Falcons shock the world and that SB win 30 to 24.


Mariota puts on a SB performance of a lifetime as SB MVP with 9 of 11, 4 passing tds, and 96 passing yards.......

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3 hours ago, DonDaLuvMaker said:


Wouldn't be surprised at all.


Falcons have a history of winning games they shouldn't have but yet lose the games they should've won.


Also the Ravens aren't some great team this season. They are decent at best.

So you said the Ravens are a decent team.... So what kind of team are the Falcons ??

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5 hours ago, Tribal Chief said:

How surprised would you be MVP? Do you think the game is unwinnable MVP? No one here is discussing that game yet MVP 

He’s obviously trying to win an award for most threads ever created. You’re a mod, can’t you just give it to him already? 

Or maybe it’s not his fault. Maybe he’s the Guinea pig for Elons neurolink and every random thought he has creates a new thread. 

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7 hours ago, Tribal Chief said:

I asked your thoughts. I don’t care about anyone else’s thoughts

Falcons lose to the Ravens in a close one. I think we probably beat the Steelers because they have some key injuries.

I want the Falcons to beat the Ravens and Steelers very badly because they both have pushed the Falcons all over the field the last couple of times. 

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2 hours ago, ltstorm2 said:

I'd be vuuuury surpised.  Also, please stop with the " One game at a time.", "Focus on this week" bull mess.  We ain't strappin up to play on Sunday.  We're fans of the team, we can talk about our week 18 matchup with TB.

Exactly! Especially when we are in a tight division race. We are looking at the schedule trying to figure out how likely it is we are going to win the division based on strength of schedule. 

Some of the AFC match ups are exciting to look forward to because we only play them every 4 years.


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The Ravens just lost to the Jags.

The week before, Carolina handed them the game over & over & over & over... even more than they did w/ that first Falcons game... yet the Ravens barely squeaked out a 13-3 win, in Baltimore.

Before that, they soundly beat the Saints by 14, but Lamar put up Mariota-like numbers.

Before that, it's a bunch of really close games.

Basically, they aren't exactly blowing teams away & look extremely beatable most of the time.

The Falcons are a mess, but weird stuff happens... so while I don't necessarily expect them to win, at the same time, I certainly don't think it should be that shocking if they come out of the Ravens game with a W.

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