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Arthur Smith: "There's a risk every time we make a play call"


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20 minutes ago, Mr. Hoopah! said:


I'll give him that for sure. 

Now for the bad part. In football, when you can run the ball as well as the Falcons do, you are SUPPOSED to get paid off with all that good running with big plays via the playaction pass (see the 1998 Falcons for an excellent example of this). The fact that the Falcons get so little out of their passing game is a direct indictment of mariota's inability to make good reads and deliver a good pass. Now here comes the part where its an indictment on Smith: he has done absolutely zero about it even though its as obvious as it gets that the starter at qb is a liability to the team despite the running game doing all the heavy lifting for him.

Basically the good Smith has brought is being negated by his stubbornness and periods of sketchy playcalling. 

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26 minutes ago, Mr. Hoopah! said:


He definitely has had a big impact on the running game without question.

But the penalty thing is definitely not something that people should really bring up.

As we have seen firsthand most penalties are completely subjective... And the volume in which they are called is complete dependent on the ref crew that you get for the day.

I don't think the Falcons are really any more discipline now than what they have been in the past.... They simply are just not being called for it as frequently... Which is a nice change of pace.

A good example of this is Jake Matthews...

I'm not sure how many false starts that he's been called for this year.... But I can promise you that the number of times that he has actually false started and gotten away with it is far greater than the number of times that he's actually been called for it.

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