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How well do you think that the Falcons match up with the Steelers?

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This whole season has been a roller coaster.  And pretty much what most of us thought.  Highs and lows.  I think on any given Sunday with the state of the NFL, poor play and parity, I think any team can win any contest.  Should not surprise us if we blow out the Steelers or get blown out by them.  

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IDK, the Steelers are bad with a struggling rookie QB (who does seem to be trending upwards).


They are 28th in points for, 24th against. They are as terrible as us vs the pass (31), but statistically good vs the run (6). Not sure if that is like us though (nobody runs because they can throw all day and it inflates our rush defense stats - my guess is probably some of that comes into play). 

In summation, I think everyone matches up pretty well with the Steelers.

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As well as we match up against anyone. If you can stop the run….we have no shot.  If you can pass the ball at a decent level….we have no shot.  If we put the ball in the hands of Mariota to win us the game….we have no shot.   If you have a mobile QB…we have no shot.


if the Steelers can’t stop the run and have a rookie qb that isn’t Dan Marino then we have a shot.

Falcons 24    Steelers 20

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Steelers are in a rebuild. 
Which means they are making roster moves and scheming to improve to their former level. They’re a championship program with the desire to return to a Super Bowl soon. 
We’re also in a rebuild but we don’t play the ball to our best players. We have a running backs coach taking a stab at grooming our quarterback and a D line coach calling plays for the O, refusing to even consider the OC’s opinion. We have a roster made up of players cut from practice squads. 

The Steelers only have 3 wins. But they beat the Saints AND the Bucs so we owe the Steelers for keeping the Falcons in the mix. 

Can we beat them, sure. 
Will we?

Falcons have 7 losses. Bengals and Panthers (2) beat us. 
Rams, Saints, Bucs, Chargers, and Commanders, those losses were giveaways. Those losses are on the Falcons surrendering and blundering on the field. I have no problem losing outright to a team that is playing better. 

If we don’t spot Steelers 21 points or fumble in the red zone or give up too many sacks, maybe we can compete. If our buffoon coach doesn’t reverse course after we get a lead maybe we can win. If our dumb quarterback can identify the big “5” on London’s shirt instead of throwing to his locker room friends maybe we can win. 

I hope we win. I will be cheering. And win or lose I’ll be cheering next game too. Go Falcons. 
Get your **** together. 

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13 minutes ago, kenn.junior said:

this could be a ridder vs pickett game but of course not

That would actually get more than 17 fans to the game next week.

So pathetic watching these games out of state and literally being the away team crowd wise. Super sweet product that obviously the fans love! When I had dome tickets, even the lean years it was nothing like it is today, and never a pro-away team crowd. 

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The Steelers have a serious problem this week.  

On one hand, they're tanking.  On the other, the Falcons are their next opponent, and no team wants the embarrassing blemish of losing to the laughingstock Falcons on their record. 

So they just don't know what to do.  This game could actually cost the Steelers a better draft pick because no matter how hard they try they won't be able to lose to Atlanta.   

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