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AllGears and Huntley...

Bunchy Carter

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2 hours ago, DonGonnaFindTFOut said:

I can't really say that yet.


Better than the Coleman half of the duo? Yes, but let's not forget Freeman was one of the best RBs in the NFL before injuries.

Yes, need some more time before that claim can be made.  However, I do like what I see in them. Happy it appears the Falcons do not have to spend a ton of dollars on RBs during this off-season.

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23 minutes ago, Emmitt said:

I wish Huntley was getting more touches, but I wish that for Tyler too.

I love CP, but I’d like to see it spread more evenly 

The downside to CP's return is the lack of Huntley touches. Even then CP isn't getting as many touches as before. Every game needs to be looked at like it's a playoff game now. Unleash the fire Art!

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