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AS is trash!


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I don't understand why he calls the worst / high risk plays when he doesn't need to in critical situations.

Just like when Mariota threw the int against Carolina near the end of the game.  Why was he throwing a bomb?  I don't get the play calling. 

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4 minutes ago, AllStarHandyMan said:

Lol great play call. Patterson was wide open. The defense gets paid to play the game. He got his hands up.

The decision was maddening because say we did score there was circa 45 seconds left with commanders needing a field goal to win. With our defense I’d say the chances they get the yardage to be quite likely.

If we run we get the ball at the (worst case) 4 yard line run clock down to 20 seconds and we have 2 plays to win the game. I’m absolutely fuming

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