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Ridders preseason passes…….just absolutely beautiful touch, precision and accuracy


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11 hours ago, Francis York Morgan said:

And yes, you're the only one who witnessed "Super Bowl talk insanity" because it wasn't happening

Francis, can I get you a spatula to help you get all the egg off? You had to eat a 5 pound crow last time you did this. This hasn’t been going well for you. 

This message board is much better when we don’t set out to antagonize the other. We had a very nice truce going on for a couple of years, and out of nowhere you have started coming at me, poking and antagonizing. I would encourage you, for the well being of the message board, to cease. And don’t point to my responses to your antagonist posts, instead notice I’ve not been the instigator.  The message board is a better place for all when you don’t make it about you. Please govern yourself accordingly.

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On 11/24/2022 at 2:06 AM, JayOzOne said:

There are two parts to the decision.

1. We signed a bunch of good players on one and two-year deals. Putting Ridder in before he's ready might be best for the franchise, but it tells those guys we don't care about this year. Careers are short and a good way to lose the locker room is to sell guys on a second chance and then, pull the rug out from beneath them. Believe me on this one thing: If the team believed Ridder gave them a better chance to win now, they'd pressure Arthur into putting him in.

2. Ridder's learning a lot of lessons from the sideline. It used to be a run of course that rookie QBs would sit for a year before taking the field. Some coaches did this back when there was no rookie scale. Everybody's not going to take over the way Matt Ryan did. So Ridder's going to get his mental reps and learn without dealing with the pressure.

I don't even need to read the rest of this thread. THIS is exactly what people do not understand.

1. It is not about Mariota

2. It is not about making excuses for Mariota.

3. Why do people not get that?

Mariota is terrible, everyone including AS can see that. But you're building a team, you're building a culture and that goes beyond 2022. AS is saying to players now and future free agents, that he believes in them and will stick with them. That goes a long way in the locker room. You want to know who has a culture that sits starting QBs or fails to name starting QBs and stick with it? Chip Kelly. Thats not the culture you want.

I fully believe Ridder will be given every chance to win the starting job, when the time comes.

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