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All 9 of CP 's returns


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That was a rush to watch. A few observations ~ he has a gift, a knack and a love of returning. He's going to hit the traffic running full speed, so if you're going to tackle him you have one split second to make it happen. He is a rare guy who is somehow able to run at whatever speed necessary to outrun the angle of his pursuers and out-dodge those lying in ambush in his path. And lastly, when he sees the only guy left is the kicker, you can just tell he really enjoys making a quick, clean kill of the poor guy's effort to even get a hand on him.

By the time he had four or five returns for TD's I'm thinking it's been his goal to finish as the all-time returner. I don't see how he can't make the HOF because that TD Return highlight reel would be among the most entertaining exhibits in the whole place. After watching that ain't nobody got to ask why he's in the Hall.

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On 11/23/2022 at 6:43 PM, Blitz28179 said:

This showed up on my recommended last night and thought I would share it. Pretty good watch!


The amazing thing in watching this...

notice how many defenders end up on the ground unblocked ... its uncanny.

So many NFL level football players (ok, some are kickers), going for one target and unblocked just end up on the ground.  Thats just crazy.

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