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Charles London speaks on quarterback room | Press Conferences


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2 minutes ago, FalconJim said:

Thanks for sharing this!  It's nice to hear from our "QB Whisperer", and to hear the confidence he has in Desmond Ridder, and that he IS getting reps every day, since a backup QB is only ONE play away from going into a game...

That one play was weeks ago 

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Seeing Zach Wilson getting benched this week makes me glad that we waited until the 3rd round to take a QB. And though I really, really, really want to see Ridder play, I'm glad we're not rushing him. All those QBs outside of maybe Trevor Lawrence were overdrafted, and therefore unrealistic expectations were placed on them. Who knows what throwing Wilson into the fire and watching him fail is going to do to his career? This is the kind of experience that wrecks a lot of young QBs. You don't see a lot of guys come back from something like this.

Wilson and Lance were both small school prospects who were way more raw than guys you generally take that high in the draft. TBH, it would be like taking Ridder at #8 and expecting him to step in and play day 1. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm glad Mariota is here to hold down the fort for a season.

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