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Falcons’ Kyle Pitts likely suffered Grade 2 MCL sprain (Ledbetter)

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11 hours ago, DonGonnaFindTFOut said:


You know Hollywood get people who look nothing like the real people most of the time lol.


Pitts played by Julio(bout time for him find a new career)

TF played by the Rock

AS will play himself because he thinks no one else can get him right.

Mariota played by Jason Mamoa.

Blank played by Al Pacino(minus the ranting, unless there's flashbacks of SB51).

OZ played by Kevin Hart

Drake played by Drake

Saints fans played by all the multiple personalities of Kanye

Cam Newton plays Justin Fields in the scene where they play the Bears

Matt Ryan will play himself during the early offseason of the film because he can juggle being Colts QB, OC, and actor at once thanks to Jeff Saturday.

I don't care what anyone else says, you win the day with this one my friend...


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  When reading the article it does not confirm a grade 2 sprain. It even states if Pitts has a grade 3 MCL injury and listing out the possible situation if it is grade 3. The good news is it is not a significant season ending injury if it were early on in the season.

 With that said at this point in the season it could in fact take him out the remainder of this season and depending on where we are at there may be no need to even try to bring him back this season. 

 I would like to see confirmation of what grade this injury is but we all know how tight lipped they are about those things so we shall see. 

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Only the great D.Led would run with headline about a “sprain” the day before the head coach says Pitts will need surgery.  Not only that, the surgery is planned for a full week after the injury was sustained.. does that lead anyone to believe we will see Pitts play another down this season? Even if we make the playoffs ? Hard for me to believe we would delay surgery by a full week if we expect him to play anytime this year 


side note, how does he still get paid actual dollars to cover this team? Professionally? A headline that totally misleads people on what’s happening for someone whose a supposed beat writer with their “finger on the pulse”

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On 11/22/2022 at 7:09 PM, Doctor Kildare said:

“Each grade has a different timetable for return,” said Dr. Carlos Uquillas, an orthopedic surgeon at Cedars-Sinai Kerlan-Jobe Institute in Los Angeles and a team physician for the Angels. “Grade 1 is usually one to two weeks. Grade 2 is two to four weeks to return. Grade 3 is six to eight weeks to return. So, based on the timeline they provided us, that might give us an idea of how bad it is.”


Dam! It! I'm sure we will miss the Unicorn!



Not as many times as Mariota?

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