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I wish that the Falcons would show Arthur Smith's post game victory speech and team celebration on their YouTube channel.

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I think that the Falcons should show their post game victory celebration and Arthur Smith's victory speech on their YouTube channel every time they win a game. Most teams do this. The Falcons did it in 2016 with Dan Quinn but that's it. It was cool to watch. 

Even the Raiders who have just won 2 games this year have post game celebration after a win on their YouTube channel. 

It's just cool to see how excited everyone is after a hard fought victory.


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38 minutes ago, runshoot said:

You're right. 1 play definitely proves he is valuable AND discounts all his other miscues. Great insight thanks!

Pretty sure they both graded well for the game. You're very welcome.

On defense, we had:

Mykal Walker: 77.0

Isaiah Oliver: 76.8 (and quietly evolving into a solid pro)

Richie Grant: 71.3

Jaylinn Hawkins: 70.5

Also, since you wanna be that guy, where did I "discount all his other miscues"?

imagination GIF

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