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Most of the league being worse than predicted and us being a game or two better than predicted is not very important in the grand scheme of things.

I'm much more interested in seeing progress from the pieces that can be part of a future where the expectations are much higher. In that light I don't see this season as a success.

But I'm really happy that Mariota has been given the opportunity to furthur masquerade as a NFL starting QB

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14 hours ago, blizzard_falcon said:

I'm gonna predict 8-9. I don't think this team - not with a bottom 5 defense and a middle-of-the-road QB - is going to get us over .500 in 2022

The only thing that makes Mariota appear "middle of the road" is that he is being asked to do almost nothing that a QB should do. Take out the first or second year young guys and Mariota is about the worst.

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