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It's the annual 'John Collins Trade' thread.


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It's started early, lol.

The Hawks have opened up preliminary trade discussions around forward John Collins, as interested teams inquire, league sources tell The Athletic. The Suns are a team showing desire in Collins, those sources have added, but they appear uninclined to take on the long-term money of Collins, who is in the second season of a five-year, $125 million contract. The Hawks don’t have an imminent deal in place involving Collins, those sources say, and executives around the league believe a potential deal will be weeks and potentially months in the making ahead of the Feb. 9 trade deadline.

The inclusion of Collins in the trade talks is not uncommon. For several years now, the Hawks have had a bevy of suitors for Collins, who has established himself as a highflying impact talent in the frontcourt. Collins battled through multiple hand and foot injuries last season, and after an offseason of trade chatter, returned to the organization with a new All-Star backcourt of Trae Young and Dejounte Murray.


There is so much wrong with this it's comical.......another year, same ****e!



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Per Steve Koonin (Hawks CEO) on weekly radio Interview this afternoon when asked about the JC trade rumors, Transcript:


"Is it surprising? No

Did somebody want to put that out? Yeah

Did it come from us? No

So somebody obviously wants to go acquire one of our players which is fine. Here's what I'll say, if we were trading a player, it's usually not in November! Can you name one NBA trade in November?"


When asked about it affecting locker room:

"We're playing well, we're a good team, we always want to get better, but we can't let internet drivel get in the way."

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I think the Hawks would entertain trades of basically anyone other than Trae and Dejounte. That doesn't mean they'll actively look to deal guys for little immediate firepower in return. Cam (who had requested a trade privately) and Huerter (luxury tax casualty) are exceptions. 

The Suns aren't going to include Booker or Bridges in a deal, and Ayton (who I'm not all that interested in anyway) isn't trade eligible right now. Paul is also off limits and obviously makes no sense on this team. Anyone else on their roster, including Crawford, almost certainly makes the Hawks a worse team in a Collins trade. Even an unprotected pick wouldn't be much of a return since the Suns are going to finish with a good record. 

And basically any trade needs to bring back a starting caliber PF in return... and it has to be someone who can stretch the floor because we can't afford to become an even worse shooting team. 

Basically, unless a team like the Jazz is willing to offer Markkanen for JC and the Kings future pick, I don't see JC going anywhere (unless the situation reaches a point where he asks for a trade). 

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