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#1 Georgia vs Mississippi State


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6 minutes ago, sdogg said:

This team is not focused at all. 

I think Mississippi State plays very good defense. If not for punt return, we’re on pace for a 34-12 final on the road in conference. Defense needs to keep playing well and offense needs to put a drive together. A touchdown out of the half and they should be fine. 

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3 minutes ago, fuego said:

If you have 3 TOs, and let the clock run, that's not being aggressive. And he paid the price.

No, we were trying to do something, but it was just stupid to not use one of the TDs. Then, I don't know why they brought Dominick Blaylock in the game. He's dropped everything thrown his way this season. 


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On 11/7/2022 at 11:14 PM, RandomFan said:

Strangely enough I feel less good about this game than I did about Tennessee. That game was an easy game for our players to get up for. And I knew for certain that 10erC didn't have the Jimmy's and Joe's to take advantage of our defense like they did everyone else; If they can't run on you with a light box, they become one dimensional and become easy pickings for a physical secondary that can run with their WR's. And they have no real adjustments that can be made; if you can stop what they do, they are dead in the water. The problem for most programs is they don't have the players to stop what they do. UGA does. That's why I was never even slightly worried about them.

But Miss St. is a different animal. Their offense is completely different from TENN. It's so unpredictable and different from game to game, and even series to series. 

We should still easily win this game, but the offensive unpredictability combined with the propensity of UGA to play with their food most of this season could be a recipe for a much closer game than it should be. We're also going on the road after a big emotional home win. The early line is UGA -16. We "should" cover that if everything goes like it should. But I could see this game getting muddied up and turning into another Missouri situation. 

The biggest thing I'll be looking for this week is to see if we've outgrown our propensity to play with our food and instead bury this team like we are capable of.  


Guess we're still playing with our food. Disappointing. 

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