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No AJ, Patterson a game time decision

West Sider

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1 minute ago, ItsJustMe said:

Whoa, I thought CP was already a done deal?

He is, but Coach wants to keep his hand close against the Chargers...he's big on not giving extra info to the opponent...


Or he's keeping CP out one more week in anticipation of a short week against the Panthers this Thursday...

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With a short week following this game, and the Chargers missing 3 key parts of their passing game, it makes a ton of sense to let AJ get extra time to recover.

As for CP, the extra rest wouldn't be a bad thing for him either. If he is active, I can't imagine it'll be for more than 5 or so touches just to knock some rust off. Allgeier & Huntley can & should handle to load for this one whether CP plays or not.

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42 minutes ago, ImElPresidente said:

Question…… With us trading away Marlowe and with Erik Harris questionable who will be backup safety if Harris is deemed unable to play Sunday?!? Plus Hawkins is coming off an injury as well! 

Great question. With Hall, Armstrong, Ford, Alford, and now Fenton holding down the CB duties, I'd assume Oliver could see some snaps at safety if needed... but that's just a guess. Maybe they elevate Jovante Moffatt from the PS for this one?

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