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**TNF: 7-0 Eagles vs. 1-5 Texans**


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  • VTCrunkler changed the title to **TNF: 7-0 Eagles vs. 1-5 Texans**
Just now, VTCrunkler said:

The eagles 🦅 have to loose some game. Why not this one. I see them getting tripped up at some point. 

The burning hatred inside me for the Eagles is praying they go 17-0 and get wiped in their first playoff game 😈

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2 minutes ago, SwampyMux12 said:

Haha... Just back from the early 2000s when they would beat us every single time they played us... And their fans suck too 🤣

But didn’t we beat them in 2005 when Chad Lava lavalais put that hit on McRibs? 

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4 minutes ago, Flyin' In DC said:

Viewership has got to be in the toilet. I don't remember any good Thursday night games. 

It's a godsend for people like me who cut the cord and otherwise see football on a tiny phone screen.

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