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CFP Rankings 2022

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Rivalry week rankings

1. Georgia

2. Ohio State

3. Michigan

4. TCU

5. LSU

6. USC

7. Alabama

8. Clemson

9. Oregon

10. Tennessee 

11. Penn State

12. Kansas State

13. Washington 

14. Utah

15. ND

16. FSU

17. UNC

18. UCLA

19. Tulane

20. Ole Miss

21. Oregon State

22. UCF

23. Texas

24. Cincinnati 

25. Louisville 

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I've been running this scenario through my head:

LSU beats Georgia (probably won't but for argument sake this time they do), Georgia still goes because they'd been number 1 since the playoff committee started the rankings this year. Michigan/OSU winner goes, TCU finishes undefeated and they go and lets say USC wins the Pac12 so they go. Yep the scenario is LSU wins the SEC Championship but does not make the playoff.

I do think something more "probable" of happening could be: if LSU wins and TCU wins ... LSU actually bumps TCU out. And what happens if Ohio St loses? They going to fall 3 spots for losing to a top 3 team?

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