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November Game Thread 2022


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3 minutes ago, Atlantafan21 said:

It was overall a very ugly game that should not have been as close as it was, but hopefully we can mark this game as the game that Trae got his shot back this season. 

Yeah, and it didn't feel like he was pressing tonight. He asserted himself when necessary, and otherwise worked within the flow of the game.

It was a so-so game from Capela, and a lackluster game from basically every forward/wing except AJ, who has no business leaving the rotation at this point. 

We had so many chances to win and so many chances to lose, but going back to that Falcons-Panthers comparison, I'm just glad they were the ones to screw up last and not us. 

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13 minutes ago, DonGonnaFindTFOut said:


And AJ Griffin can handle a big situation as a rookie.

I watched him a little at Duke and knew he was a great shooter, but what's surprised me a lot is how capable he is to put the ball on the floor and drive inside already. His 3-point shot wasn't falling tonight, but he went 7-9 from 2. 

My hope is that his progression and Bogi's eventual return will solve a lot of our spacing issues. 

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