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It's Game Day! October Game Thread 2022


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Just now, Atlantafan21 said:

Wanna see Trae start off strong rather than 1/9 or whatever he’s been doing the last two games

He just needs to let his offense come to him. When I was living in Atlanta, sometimes I'd listen to the guys on 92.9 and they always advocated for Trae to try to take control early on, and I disagree completely. When he focuses on his shot to start games, he's much more prone to start pressing if it's not going in. His best skill is his passing, so just focus on running the offense instead of *being* the offense, especially when he now has such a strong supporting cast. The individual scoring will come if the team is humming. 

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I'll tell you what's annoying: living in NC and having League Pass--but no TV package that includes Bally Sports--and having to resort to a bootleg stream to watch this game. 🙄

Completely forgot to factor in that this would be an "in-market" game until like 5 minutes ago. 

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4 minutes ago, Atlantafan21 said:

Asked for a hot start from Trae and that’s what we’ve gotten!

Didn't fully agree with a couple of his bombs, but he made one and you have to live with some of those just to stretch the defense. Otherwise, he is taking good shots when they're there but not forcing anything. 

Really liking his defensive effort so far this year, as well. I know they talked to him about it over the off-season and it looks like he took it to heart. Just hope he keeps it up. 

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