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It's Game Day! October Game Thread 2022


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3 hours ago, jayu70 said:

I'm tired of Nate 7 games in!

He's already talking about ignoring analytics regarding 3pt shooting.

I railed against this whole mid-range shots and attacking mismatches in the early part of last season as well - now here we are, AGAIN.  There is nothing imaginative and intuitive about Nate's offense. 

If you going to be a midrange team you need to take more of them and hit at a higher percentage.  We aren't getting to the free throw line except Trae.

People want Trae offball?  AND I JUST DON'T MEAN FOR HIM TO RELOCATE WHEN HE GIVES UP THE BALL WHICH HE DEFINITELY HAS TO DO ? Trae off ball has been about Murray ISO dribble. No player or ball movement by ANYONE!

I expected to see some very specific sets to put Trae in CnS opportunities off ball.  And this isn't about running him like Curry, he isn't that, but if you want him truly off ball and not just someone else bringing the ball upcourt just to give it back to him.  Run an actual play with a screen, back screens, what angle is he going to come off screens, how tight will he come off a screen, INTENTIONALLY AND PURPOSEFULLY screen him open and get him in scoring position.

For that to happen, you have to have that play in your book, since it's about timing and positioning of the screens, who is the screener, how many screens, and who is getting him the ball. This is Nate's Play Book:


I was looking forward to seeing some actions around DJM screening for Trae this season...but I guess that's just not gonna happen either

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