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Mods Please Deliver - Rest in Power FalconFanSince1970

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Well, you get to rest now. I wished as I typed this, I could say I was "Troffed" and the news wasn't real. But it is. Sadly I am learning as of late how short and fragile life is. 

You were one of the first that reached out when I joined the boards. Never forget your story on how you became a Falcon fan. Even as the weight and pain lingered that comes with being a Falcon fan, you always had a nickname for players or a saying that would make me smile through the pain.

For that, I will forever be grateful. Prayers for peace and comforting to you family and friends during this trying time. 

Rest easy, during your last ride to the stateline. 

You will be missed. 

"Trust me".

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2 hours ago, Knight of God said:

Oh no!!! 

He truly was one of my favorite people for almost 20yrs. Most didn't know but he was truly a good guy and loved every one of you, even the ones that didn't like him. He had a great sense of humor and was always trying to make it fun. He wasn't a troll, he was just a fun guy. 

I missed him already not being here, but now we all have to miss him. He was AFMB. One of the reasons I made an account, the reason I stayed, the reason I learned to post.

I love you Brother. Rest easy friend. 

Same here. He was one of the reasons I came around everyday 

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