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Yes, that roughing the passer call was complete trash, but...

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1 hour ago, opensource001 said:

It is nice that everyone on the board agrees about something for once.

Also, Brady has done more to ruin the sport than any player in it's history.  I don't know if that's true but I'm too lazy to dig any deeper.

Just to add a little background to the now famous ah 'play'. Brady is the best storyline in the NFL. He and his team figure heavily in playing in the last game of the year. Mr. Grady is not going to spoil all the fun ahead for storylines and fairytale endings. Remember how Peyton went, when he could not even throw the ball 20-yards down the field.

As an example (did a little digging), in the 2020 season, NFL ratings were down across the board..............except.........when you know who played! Do you think the NFL ever let's a good storyline and ratings grabber go to waste? 

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