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Week 6 Games/Upsets


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1 minute ago, fuego said:

That QB is an idiot. I've never seen as stupid a selection as that to try and win a game. Almost the equivalent of throwing it out of bounds on a 4th down and :01 on the clock.

Thats the Matt Ryan redzone special.  The defense will not intercept the ball.  Guess what?  Juilo can't catch it either because its out of bounds.

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Just now, fuego said:

You see all the receivers on that play? They weren't even close to getting open or getting separation. If I saw correctly you even had one that wasn't in the end zone, but couldn't quite tell.

It really didn't matter that they weren't open. You had one play, with an option to win or lose the game. I would have thrown it towards the middle. 

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Just now, Faithful Falcon said:

No worries, the Padres will win game 3.

The Mets are gonna play that game tomorrow like a boxing champ who let a scrub hang around too long and get a lucky punch in and win the title.  The Padres messed up.

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Aggies need another play caller. What idiot in that situation has any route that doesn't cross the goal line. But, I didn't see any brightest tool in the shed moments. A&M should have won this game but just like uga, sometimes you don't play your A game and you still find a way to win. Aggies had multitudes of chances.

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