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Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry 2022: Auburn vs #2 Georgia


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so glad the dawgs showed up in the second half. nice to see the run game come back, Stet is FAST!, the receivers and tight ends are blocking like crazy, and the defense is gaining some confidence. 

MStarks is gonna be special (already is)

Nolan bringing the pressure

Bear clogging the middle


Go Dawgs!


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I know that some of you believe PFF grades have zero value. Please don't litter this thread with those opinions; we already know.

Also, we know you hate Harsin and you think the team sucks.

OFFENSE: 64 snaps
(Min. 15 snaps played)

LG Kam Stutts 71.0 60.7
RB Jarquez Hunter 62.4 68.3
RT Austin Troxell 59.7 66.9
TE John Samuel Shenker 57.7 64.1
RB Tank Bigsby 57.4 75.4

DEFENSE: 75 snaps
(Min. 15 snaps played)

DE/DT Colby Wooden 72.9 75.0
S Donovan Kaufman 69.4 76.1
CB Jaylin Simpson 67.6 64.9
CB D.J. James 65.9 74.2
LB Wesley Steiner 65.3 56.8


• The offense as a whole graded at 44.8, which is the lowest overall grade for an Auburn offense since the 2020 game at Georgia.

• Brandon Council graded at 38.8, which was the lowest grade on offense this week. He played all 64 snaps.

• Robby Ashford graded at 46.9. That's his second-lowest grade of the season.

• Camden Brown got 17 snaps against Georgia after playing 49 snaps against LSU. That's most because Shed Jackson's snap count jumped from 15 to 35 week-over-week. Also, Jay Fair and Omari Kelly played a little more.

• Zion Puckett was the low-grader on defense this week with a career-low 35.4. He was dinged for coverage problems, not tackling.

• Zeke Walker made his season debut Saturday. He played 10 snaps.

• Dylan Brooks played a career-high 22 snaps Saturday. He graded at 59.5.

• Hayden Brice apparently made his Auburn debut with one snap. (I didn't see it myself.) He's a walk-on defensive end.

• Joko Willis made his season debut on defense with five snaps.

TOP PFF PERFORMERS: Georgia '22 (10-9-22)

Council was right in one regard. There was some domination on the line of scrimmage. Just wasn't him or his mates.

So much for demolishing them

Our LB are horrible

Just curious does PFF take into account misreads and taking yourself out of the play
Or just standing there until a RB gets to you like 0 and 13 do often.

I honestly think you could snap the ball and send the guards to each sideline and the middle of the field would be linebacker less

I graded BIG OLE OSCAR Zout at 91.41739.
DUDE wuz ON FIRE yeztaday!!

What was Harsins PFF? Too low to record probably

I think the coaches graded out about the same percentage as skim milk.

I would have left Council in Athens. Would have been the best coaching move of Harsin’s ****ty tenure.

Do you get a 30 for putting on your helmet and pad? If not, not sure how Brandon Council graded at 38.8?????

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