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Falcons DVOA Ratings: Week 5

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Figured I can start doing this every Tuesday. For those that don't know about DVOA, it measures every single play of every game (taking situation, weather, and location into account) and comes up with a moving average. So if a team had a 10% rush DVOA, that means on any given running play they're going to perform that rush 10% better than the average NFL team. Worth noting you want a negative % for defensive DVOA. It's one of the most well regarded analytics in the game and gives you a good feel of how a game will play out when comparing to your opponent. 

Total DVOA: 6.7% (11th)

Total ODVOA: 11.0% (9th)

Rush ODVOA: 19.3% (2nd)

Pass ODVOA: 8.7% (18th)

Total DDVOA: 8.1% (22nd)

Rush DDVOA: 5.8% (26th)

Pass DDVOA: 9.7% (17th)


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