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My Prediction 2


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I think we're giving the Browns too much credit. Granted, any given Sunday, they could rush for 200 yards on anybody, including us.

But here's what I'm thinking after a quick glance:

1) In week 1 vs Carolina (not a very good team or coaching staff), they gave up a 20-7 lead, and only a very fortunate wind (or hooking kick) gave them the 2 point victory with a 55+ yard field goal. Briquettes (haha Brissett autocorrects but I love it 🤣) saw a lot of pressure and wasn't extremely accurate, even missing an easy downfield pass with no defender in sight. Gono > Brissett. Should have easily lost this game and gave up a lot of downfield passes, even inside 2 minutes when a deep pass was the only hope for Carolina.

Conclusion: no downfield passing game but RB and TE screens can easily gain 20+. Heavy heavy screens and passes behind the LOS even as secondary pass options. Soft corners, and their defense falls apart late. Their prevent is worse than our prevent. It's like an auto-7 points.

2) Week 2 at home they had a 30-17 lead under 2 mins and lost against the Jets. The J.E.T.S. Jets. Yes, those Wilson-less Jets. Again WRs running open 15 yards beyond the deepest defender. They are very economical. Short screens to RBs and TEs are abundant. This will be the week to tackle. Chubb and Hunt are monstrous after first contact. Hit them low and wrap up boys. Stack the LOS and we need great tackling on the boundaries from AJ and Heyward. That's usually a strength for AJ, so could be in our favor. No vertical game at all. Nine defenders within 10 yards of the LOS should be a regular occurrence for us. Bait them to throw it deep. Use a heavy mix of press and zone, but no soft 15 yard deep zone or prevent. Browns offense looks similar to ours with the RPO and roll outs. Brissett is strong and methodical. Have to bring him down when the opportunity presents itself.

Conclusion: back end is weak and soft even tackling. London, Pitts and a 3rd WR should light them up.

3) The Steelers and Trubiski are really bad. Browns get a win and it was much closer than the final score. Again, soft secondary play and bad tackling. Their run game is no joke. Tackle tackle tackle. Almost never goes down on first contact.

Conclusion: even Trubiski was scoring and hitting on QB rollouts. It was so ugly but still successful. Mariota should have 100+ yards rushing. They can't stop the run and poor pass protection all 3 weeks. Cover Cooper.

After watching the first 3 weeks highlights - more like lowlights - the Browns do not look like a good team. They're very economical on offense and their backend coverage on D is putrid.

To win:

1) Watch out for the end around trick plays and screen passes to everyone. They love them.

2) Quick stops on early downs, and tackle low low low. Run blitz and wrap up. Contain contain contain the edge or die by the outside run.

3)Don't let them have short yardage with big gains on 1st and 2nd down.

4) need a lot of defensive shifts along the DL. Browns OL isn't good at pass protection, get called for quite a bit of holding in the run game, and are easily confused by movement and LBer blitzes. I think I saw our very own Jalen Mayfield wannabes on their OL in pass protection.

5) Blanket Cooper with AJ and a safety to his side and take him out of play. High volume of short and intermediate passes even to Cooper. Don't think I ever saw a deep pass once in any of their games (that wasn't picked).

6) Go run and bootleg heavy on O, and try the deep ball early and often, especially on roll outs. Works every time and they can't stop it. Get a 2 score lead early.

I was a little more worried about the Browns prior to watching their highlights. Now, not so much. This is our first real opportunity to win by 2 scores. Even when they win it isn't pretty. Don't get in a short yardage slug fest. Brissett likes the QB sneak under a yard to gain.

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