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Braves @ Nats


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1 hour ago, Spts1 said:

Brah. You are reinventing history. Contreras run did not score. THATS the run that cost the Braves the game. You keep focusing on the Swanson run which came about with only Swanson being on base because of Contreras.  I went back and checked the play by play to make sure I recalled it right.  Contreras did not score. He was the first out of the inning.  His TWO base running errors cost the Braves the game.  Acuna made the first out when he flied to right field with Contreras standing on second.  Thats the first out.  Swanson hits into a fielder's choice in which Contreras made his second base running error by getting caught in the run down which moved Swanson to second base.  Swanson scores on the error to first when Harris singled and took second base on the error.  Riley walks and then Olson strikes out for the third out.  Had Contreras did his job, the Braves go into the 9th leading 3-2. THATS THE EXTRA RUN.



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3 hours ago, TheTrue7 said:

Quick question.. If the Braves had a 10.5 game lead and were currently 1 game ahead (after being tied), would you consider them "choking away the lead"?

Not when it took the other team having a top 2 record for 4 months to catch us.

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