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Kent State vs #1 Georgia


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1 minute ago, Spts1 said:

You back on that, lol.  Look,  number 1 Georgia LOST the SEC Championship game and got into the playoffs.  Its better to be ranked number 1 and lose then to be number 2, 3 or lower and lose.

Please what difference does that make in 2022 on this team, they are flat as ****, for some reason, so what is it? Id say they aren't as focused is more likely than shaving points 

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2 minutes ago, fuego said:

Yeah. Ultimately it doesn't matter I guess. We're gonna make the playoffs regardless. I hate how this is making us look though.

I was looking at this as a "watch the first quarter of the Georgia game after they are up twenty something points " and switch the tv to a more competitive game. I was then gonna check in on Georgia's blow out in the 4th quarter to see how bad the beat down was gonna be.  Kent State changed that whole plan.

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3 minutes ago, fuego said:

If we don't score here Kent gets the ball coming out of the half. We could actually be down by the first drive of the second half.

You actually typed that.  Georgia went from "greatest team ever" last week to you had to actually type that.  Kirby is gonna roast them at halftime, lmao.

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