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Nats @ Braves


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Monday, 7:20, Bally

Abbott (0-2, 4.37) vs Wright (18-5, 3.18)

Tuesday, 7:20, Bally

Corbin (6-18, 6.11) vs Morton (8-6, 4.17)

Wednesday, 12:20, Bally

Gray (7-9, 5.14) vs Fried (13-6, 2.52)


Mets are in Milwaukee to play the Brewers. It's a real shot to at least get a tie. It's hard to expect a sweep but we really need to take care of business against the lowly Nats. 

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28 minutes ago, Malachore said:

How many starts does Wright have left this year, 3?

Would be cool to see him reach 20 wins. Can't remember the last guy but feel like Russ Ortiz won 20 or close to it.

Yep. Last time the Braves won 100 too. Ortiz went 21-7 that year. Since then Hudson and Fried got the closest with 17 in a season 

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1 hour ago, ATL Fan in the DMV said:

20 wins for Wright would be pretty cool - but it's still a terribly misleading and flawed stat.

I think most recognize that by now. There was a time that 20 wins would almost be a lock for a Cy Young. Not anymore. Wright will get votes but not near enough. It's one stat they could easily eliminate. 

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1 hour ago, Unknøwn said:

Braves announced the entire Mets series is sold out. Standing room only left. 

That is not surprising.

We were hoping to get tickets to the Friday and Saturday game but I got laid off the day I was going to buy the plane tickets and the hotel.

I'm sure that StubHub will have plenty of tickets but they are going to be very very expensive.

A few weeks ago the section around the chop house were going for like 450 bucks a piece.

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