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Mariota Press Conference - on not sliding "that's the nature of the beast"


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I sound like a broken record, but there's a reason Mariota is on his 3rd team in 7 years and why last Sunday was his first start since 2019. As for the game, he has openly admitted that:

  • He forgot where the 1st down marker was on the first fumble
  • The fumbled snap was on him for being overly excited and pulling away too quick 

At least he's honest, but that's not something you want to hear from a 7 year vet. What happened Sunday corroborates what Titans fans had said about him folding in crunch time. If he's just in the middle of the game, he can be very good. If he has to make a play, it typically doesn't turn out well. 

At the end of the day though, we need to put things in perspective. We all knew that he was brought in to be a one year stop gap and that 2022 was going to be a rough season. We're all so up in our feels right now because of how the game was lost and who it happened to. 

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I agree with the posts that tell it like it is: Mariota is who he is - athletic, one read guy, who can have some success in the right system but won't lead you to a championship, and not likely even close to one.

I cut him some slack for the red zone fumble - it happens. I think that Matt Ryan led the league in red zone turnovers at least once, and maybe more than that. I was actually more upset with the 3rd and 1 fumbled snap - that is so basic and at that time of the game in that situation that cannot happen. Ever. It's just loser football.

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4 hours ago, Mr.11 said:

Most of yall are blowing this way out of proportion. He made the wrong call by going in head first instead of sliding--he already acknowledged that in the post-game press conference. How many times do you need this man to apologize before you get off his back?

And it’s amazing how the same people who are bringing the MM1 hate, are ignoring the failures of other guys and not calling for their jobs.

Pitts comes immediately to mind. By a QB fumble or by your top receiver dropping easy balls, or not concentrating and getting his feet down, both guys killed drives that potentially cost us points. 

Marcus  made a mistake, but he also ran an offense that put up 26 points on what is considered a top tier defense heading into this year. Areas to clean up, yes. Lots to like, also yes.


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